Attention all Twirlingers! we are back!

After two years’ development we proudly introduce our upgraded Twirling720 Lite V2,

a versatile USB microphone embedded with powerful noise cancellation technologies

Twirling 720 Lite Highlights

1. On-chip Noise cancelling modes provide more than 20dB SNR boost with Twirling’s advanced beamforming technologies. Even when you are in a crowded place with people besides you talking, your audience at the other end can hear you, and only you.

2. The high quality modes provide mono (omnidirectional, cardioid, subcardioid, supercardioid, hypercardioid, figure-8) or stereo 48K/24bit outputs. Whether in a live musical performance or a dialogue, your charming voice and your string vibration, can be perfectly recorded and brought to your audience.

3. We do not forget where we came from. Our 720 Lite V2 now supports 48K 24bit native four-channel first order ambisonic (FOA) SN3D B format output. VR recorders can use it to generate VR content offline or stream VR audio directly to the compatible platforms, e.g. Facebook 360 and Youtube.

4. In a face to face interview, 720 Lite can separate your voice from your interviewee and save them into different channels for future automatic speech recognition (ASR) or documentation. Up to 4 channels are supported.

5. The microphone has Type-C USB output, which means it is both PC and mobile compatible.

6. The Twirling720 Lite smart microphone supports a whopping list of 18 output modes, probably the most of its kind. Whether you are in a live broadcast, dialogue, lecture, instrument performance, or conference, there will be one mode that just suits you fine.

7. All audio processing are real time with extremely low latency, thanks to our highly optimized built-in TwirlingVoice algorithm and newly upgraded processor, more computing capability yet lower power consumption. The new ECM microphones has SNR 78dB, more than 10dB higher the previous generation.

8. We also provide a free companion software Twirling720 Studio, allow you easily switching modes as well as doing other cool stuff such as converting B format to binaural. And we continue to provide the Android App for demonstating what you can do with 720 Lite on a mobile phone.

Ambisonic VR audio recording

The Twirling720 Lite VR Audio Recording system works with ambisonics, a multi- channel audio recording technique that lets you capture 360° of sound at one single point. This high precision quad channel microphone models the characteristics and response of an assortment of microphone array configurations to accurately record the sound of a 3D space. The perfect tool to create VR worlds of sound.

Crystal-clear Hi-Fi audio experiences

Whether you are recording your favorite band, talking with your best friend across the globe or doing a podcast, the sound on your mobile device should be loud while retaining high resolution. Twirling720 Lite and its audio technology software suite is designed to bring premium audio experience to your mobile device, making sound capture and things you love better than ever.

Gateway to smart voice assistant

Twirling720 Lite's 4-Mic Development Kit features Twirling versatile state-of-art far-field voice processing technology, such as 360° voice tracking, supports Alexa and other major voice recognition engines (by request).

Twirling720 Lite is all you need in hand

Pro audio quality, But easy to use

Join us in capturing the next dimension of sound.

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Core Technologies

Superior Voice Quality Enhancement

Suppress ambience noise, remove echos,and much more. Offers excellent voice communication and speech recognition performance. Twirling enhanced noise suppression and echo cancellation algorithms ensure that speech recognition engines hear the user voice and nothing else.

360° Audio Zoom and Voice Tracking

Twirling720 Lite uses built-in multiple microphones to focus in the intended direction you want to record, and minimizes sound coming from other directions allowing you to focus on a single sound source, like in a one-on-one conversation.

Ambisonic VR Audio Recording and Rendering

With VR technology on the verge of breaking into the mainstream consumer market, there is no better time to start innovating and creating 3D Ambisonic audio. The Twirling720 VR Audio Recorder is the perfect one-stop 3D audio recording solution for VR developers, film makers, sound recordists, field recordists, musicians, musical performance recordists and more. If you are passionate about sound and recognize how difficult it is to capture true 360° audio, you deserve the Twirling720 VR Audio Recorder.

Position Sensing(with Twilirng audio SDK)

Combining the built-in motion sensors on the mobile device and Twirling's proprietary algorithms, the Twirling720 Lite is able to sense its position and provide the optimal audio recording no matter how it is positioned. There's no need to adjust the microphone's position manually as you would normally do on all the other devices.

Twirling 720 Lite Solution

"Spotlight" mode of hanging mic scenario

A unique mode for using Lite as a ceiling microphone.

Bi-directional mode

Enhanced Figure-8 voice pick, suitble for face to face conversation.

Near field anti jamming mode

Strong uni-directional voice pickup, rejecting interference noise close by.

Multi-person mode

Filtering voice from each direction and output signal into separate tracks.

TWFREE-TALK intelligent interactive voice teaching scenario

For voice coming from the the front, TWFREE-TALK mode provides a wider pick up area, while rejecting everything coming from the back of the microphone.


Twirling720 Lite Zoom H2N Zoom H3-vr Sennheiser Ambeo Mic Sony D50
First Order Ambisonic(FOA) No height information
SN3D B format native output
Native stereo output
Position sensing  (with Twilirng audio SDK)
On-chip beamforming
Talker separation
Configurable multi-mode support
Price (USD) 99 164 249 1295 560

Video Recording

New companion to shooting videos

Immersive, VR audio is the new norm

Support YouTube,Facebook spatial audio playback



*Recorded on the road

Download the orginal FOA-B audio file here

Musical Events


Exquisite music all at your finger tip



Download the orginal FOA-B audio file here

*Recorded at office


At Office

A must-have for high quality meeting

Your favorite mobile phone, professional meeting device, the best of both world at hand.

Demo Video

At Work

Focus interview

Crystal clear recording, filtering out unwanted noise


At Home

Chat with your favorite "toys"

Just use your phone, without picking it up

Live Broadcast

Doing the magic for your podcast

Stereo, full 360 audio, let your audience feel the power


Remote Control

Voice only while on the wheel

Post-Processing Versatility for Professional VR audio creation

Studio Demo Works Demo Software Download


TwirlingWorks VST & AAX Plugin for Professionals

Mixes Twirling720 ambisonic files with individual audio objects, and allows for sound sources (monophonic, stereo, FOA) to be properly spatialized in 3D relative to the user's head location.

Time-based editing.

Automation recording.

Room model with high quality physical reverb generation

Metadata generation and various file format export.

Download click here

Twirling 720 Studio

Audio preview

Preview your sound recording with a binaural rendering, allowing you to explore how human ears will hear the 720° sound image in a full 3D space.

Format conversion

Converts raw 4-channel recordings into a variety of output formats. FOA-B SN3D format is included.

Audio and video merge

Support panoramic video import, so you can preview both audio and video together, and export the video with FOA-B SN3D encoded. Then directly upload to the video platforms.

Cross-platform support

Support Windows and macOS dual platforms.

Audio enhancement

Ambisonic spatial noise suppression with 20dB noise reduction without altering sound image and sacrificing audio quality. Enable EQ.

Sound reproduction

Support the sound field rotation adjustment, relocalize your sound sources until the satisfied position has been found.

1 Idea was born
1 Number of iterations
1 Number of tests
1 Mass production and begin shipping


    1.What modes can lite support?

    A total of 18 modes can be supported.

    48Khz 24Bits 4-channel A format: original audio

    48Khz 24Bits 4-channel B format: Standard SN3D Ambisonic format

    48Khz 24Bits 2-channel stereo: XY stereo sound

    48Khz 24Bits mono output: output can be omni-directional, sub-cardioid, cardioid, hyper-cardioid, super-cardioid, figure-8 (bi-direction)

    16Khz 16Bits mono-output, omni-directional, meeting mode for far-field voice pickup

    16Khz 16Bits mono-output, uni-directional, forward direction pickup.

    16Khz 16Bits ,mono output, uni-directional, TWFREE-TALK mode

    16Khz 16Bits mono-output, bi-directional, front and back direction pickup, bi-directional mode

    16Khz 16Bits mono output, bi-directional, top bottom direction pickup, spotlight mode

    16Khz 16Bits stereo output, bi-directional, front and back direction pickup

    16Khz 16Bits four-channel output, quad-directional, front, right, back left

    16Khz 16Bits four-channel original A format

    2.How do I operate with Lite recording?

    Directly insert the Lite into the charging interface of Android mobile phone or PC (on PC select Twirling720 Lite from the list of the USB devices), and open your favorite recording software.

    3. What's the difference between ambisonic sound recorded by Lite and the traditional stereo, 5.1?

    Ambisonic audio is the standard VR audio format, enabling interactive soundfield rotation with proper playback devices, such as mobile phones or VR headsets, generating a 360 degrees immersive sound experience.

    4. Which platforms support the playback of the ambisonic recording?

    Many platforms nowadays support Ambisonic playback, such as VLC, YouTube, Facebook. You can also contact us for the developer’s SDK so that you can build your own apps for rendering ambisonic.

    5. Where is the advantage of using Lite to pick up sound in a noisy environment?

    Lite can still locate and identify speakers in noisy environments, and also support far-field pickup.

    6. Charging time and standby time?

    Lite does not have a battery, so there is no need to charge. It is powered by USB and works when connected to your mobile phone.

    7. What can I do with a developer version?

    The developer suite includes Twirling720 Lite and cross-platform Twirling Capture SDK, which supports Windows, Linux, Mac, Android and iOS. Through the development kit, you can easily integrate Twirling720 into your products and applications, whether for recording, live broadcast, or intelligent speech interaction.

    8.The program will occasionally crash

    Please contact us in time and provide the hardware configuration and operating system version so that we can improve as soon as possible.

    9.What system does your software support

    Twirling720 Studio can only switch modes in the PC windows system, and currently does not support Mac systems.

    10.How to record Ambisonic 360 sound via PC

    In the PC windows system, if you want to use 4-channel Ambisonic format, you need to download Twirling720 Studio, and switch to Bformat (48k24bit4CH).

    11.Mobile phone recording file path

    The path of the file is Android/data/com.twirling.twirling720lite_android/files.

More options

Consumer edition


Original $195

Plus S&H

Include Lite
Plug into your device, ready to go!

Developer edition


Original $255

Plus S&H

Include Lite and software developer kit, ready to work with your app or product, to personalize or unlock more advanced features

Protective Case


Original $35

  • Adapters
  • Tripod
  • Micro USB Cable
  • OR
  • USB Type C Cable


  • Voice pick range:8 meters
  • Frequency response:20Hz ~ 20K Hz
  • Sensitivity:-35dBFS
  • Signal-to-noise ratio:78dB (5 m 40) 1K Hz at 1 Pa
  • Dynamic range:105dB (1KHz at Max dB SPL)
  • The maximum sound pressure:115dB SPL (1KHz, THD 1%)
  • Output impedance:600 ohm non-equilibrium
  • Size:63 x 33 x 15.7mm (length width height)
  • Record format:48KHz16bit/48KHz24bit/16KHz16bit
  • Output channels:mono/stereo/four-channel
  • Microphone:4 ECM condenser microphones
  • Interface:Type-C USB
  • Working environment:-25 C ~70 C
  • Color:silver and black
  • Weight:75g

Stay tuned for the latest updates